Wensleydale Concert Series

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Alicia's Gift - Saturday 8th October 2016

jessica duchen lgalicja at pianoAlicia's Gift
Artist Profile: Jessican Duchen (author)

Artist Profile: Alicja Fiderkiewicz (piano)
Venue: Saint Andrew's Church, Aysgarth, 7.30pm

Forbidden by her parents to become a musician, Kate Bradley is stunned when her small daughter reveals an exceptional talent for the piano. Kate is determined to give Alicia the chance to succeed and it's not long before the fame of the Peak District prodigy begins to spread. Alicia, though, craves her father's approval: Guy, with a demanding job, is rarely at home, alienated by Kate's obsession with her daughter's burgeoning career.


As the heap of white lies designed to keep Alicia concentrating on her piano in peace escalates into a mountain of deceit, conflict threatens to overwhelm the entire family - with potentially devastating consequences.

An evening of readings from Jessica's novel and piano recital by Alicja Fiderkiewicz.

"ALICIA'S GIFT, the Concert of the Novel ... for this occasion, it's really Alicja's Gift!"

Jessica has presented "Alicia's Gift" in numerous venues including The Wigmore Hall and Hampton Court House.

The musical part of the evening will include works by Chopin, Debussy, Albeniz and more.

alicjias gift