Wensleydale Concert Series

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Cobweb Chamber Orchestra - Saturday 21st October

daniel grimwoodSaturday, 21st |October, 2017. 730pm

Artist Profile: Cobweb Chamber Orchestra
Artist Profile: Andy Jackson (conductor)
Artist Profile: Daniel Grimwood (piano)
Venue: St Andrews Church, Aysgarth

Cobweb Chamber Orchestra

The Cobweb Orchestra is a multi-award* winning open-access community orchestra based in the North of England.

Cobweb Chamber Orchestra is part of the Cobweb family of orchestras consisting of players from all over the north of England who meet regularly to rehearse and presents concerts throughout the year.

We are very pleased to invite pianist Daniel Grimwood to return to Wensleydale Concert Series as soloist in the 7th piano concerto by John Field (1782-1837) - a rare opportuntity to hear this fabulous work by the Irish composer who is invented the Nocturne and was sought after as both composer and pianist across Europe. The programme also includes the overture to Mazart's Cosi fan Tutte and Beethoven's 7th Symphony.

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John Humphreys & Allan Schiller - Saturday, 16th September 2017

Allan and JohnSaturday, 16th September, 2017. 730pm

Artist Profile: John Humphreys
Artist Profile: Allan Schiller
Venue: St Andrews Church, Aysgarth

Piano duet recital

John Humphreys and Allan Schiller are both well estabilshed and highly regard solo pianists with long careers playing in all the major UK venues. They have also been playing duets together for nearly 40 years and in the concert bring us music for 4 hands by Mozart, Schubert, Hindemith, Ravel and Brahms.

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Mats & Leif Lidstrom - Sat. 24th June 2017

mats seriousSaturday 24th June 2017. 730pm

Artist Profile: Mats Lidstrom (cello)
Artist Profile: Leif Kaner-Lidstrom (piano)
Venue: St. Andrews Church, Aysgarth

Not One Swan but Four!

Swedish cellist and composer Mats Lidstrom is a highly regarded cellist who plays and teaches all around the world and has recorded extensively works for cello and piano, chamber music and concerti. Permanently based in London, he is a long standing faculty member at the Royal Academy. For this concert he is partnered by his son Leif to play much loved works from the cello/piano repertoire but as always brings a unique twist by adding works composed by himself and his son.

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Alicia's Gift - Saturday 8th October 2016

jessica duchen smAlicjaAlicia's Gift
with Jessica Duchen (author) and Alicja Fiderkiewicz (piano)
Saturday 8th October 2016, 7.30pm at St. Andrew's Church, Aysgarth

An evening of readings from Jessica's novel and piano recital by Alicja Fiderkiewicz.

"... for this occasion, it's really Alicja's Gift!"
Jessica has presented "Alicia's Gift" in numerous venues including The Wigmore Hall and Hampton Court House.

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