Wensleydale Concert Series

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Our 2018 concert series has now ended

Thank you to everyone who has performed so brilliantly in our concerts this year and to our audiences for supporting us so loyally. It has been really good to see so many new faces - please do keep spreading the word.

A special huge thanks goes a number of very generous individuals and couples who have provided much appreciated financial help. Without your support we could not continue. Also thank you to two particuarly kind and welcoming hosts who have provided accommodation for our musicians during their visits.

If you feel you can help in anyway (practically at concerts or during the time between concerts and/or financially from small gifts to sponsorship for a particular concert) please contact Carol Haynes via the Contact form.

You can still view 2018 concert details as the Concerts link at the top of the page. A preview of our 2019 programme can be viewed at Preview 2019 including all the dates for your diary.

Tickets for individual concerts and seasons tickets for 2019 will be on sale online, by telephone and by post in January 2019

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If you miss the concerts over the winter break please do check out our YouTube channel for performances from past events. Please click the subscribe button and the little bell icon to be informed when new videos are added to the channel. The list is slowly growing and videos from earlier seasons added as soon as possible.

Finally also do check out Richmond Concerts and Skipton Music - both have fantastic concert series during the winter months.