Wensleydale Concert Series

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Final 3 concerts in our 2018 season for £30
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Fundraising concert - 29th September

We are enormously grateful that pianist Daniel Grimwood and violinist Fenella Humphreys have generously offered to perform for this concert to raise funds for our concert series. As a registered charity we are reliant on extra funding to remain viable - ticket sales do not fully cover our costs at the moment. During 2018 a number of individuals have generously supported some of our concerts and we are hugely grateful for their encouragement. Help can take many forms: a one off contribution, becoming a friend of the series,  helping in practical ways by distributing leaflets or putting up a poster or two in your neighbourhood. If you can help for our 2019 series (which is looking very exciting!) please use the contact form to get in touch or speak to Carol Haynes or Liz Sowter at the end of a concert. 

Our 2018 programme

Please view details about individual concerts by clicking on the slideshow above or view a list of all concerts by clicking the Concerts link at the top of the page. Tickets are now on sale for all 2018 concerts.

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